Our woodburning techniques



At URBAM Bamboo Bikes, we like handicraft! The whole bicycle is handcrafted starting from the frame itself out of bamboo tubes and hemp fibers to the assembly of the rest of the components.




Today we want to emphasize the marking of the frames to detail how the brand URBAM is applied on the bamboo tubes is a natural yet durable and lasting way.



Of course, many “industrial” methods are available from spray painting, vinyls to stamping or laser-burning. Some of these solutions are not durable but most importantly, they lack character in our opinion as we were looking for something long-lasting and hand-drawn : our choice is woodburning.




Woodburning is a great solution because it gives a very nice natural look to the marking but it also ensures a longer durability, as no letter can be chipped off or peeled off, as it often happens after a few years with the other methods.

The color given by the woodburning is dark chololate brown, matching the light bamboo color with a good contrast.

On top of this, it follows our “hand-made” philosophy and ensures no 2 marking will be the same.


We use a special woodburning iron with a precise temperature adjustment. This ensures that the burning remains superficial. This is important to keep the mechanical strength of the frame in time.


Personnalization options




Several layers of surface treatment are then applied to ensure water-resistance and an even look..



Special markings can then be offerred as a personalisation option; we can burn your name in, or your favourite quotation, perhaps the name of your company if you wish to use the bicycles as business vehicles, anything is possible. Generally we apply it on the left chain stay but some designs showed more visible or discrete variations.



These personalization options can help make a bamboo bike the perfect present for bicycle-enthusiasts.