RideNat pedals out of bioplastic from rice waste

RideNat reis bioplastic gorilla
Modell Gorilla



Our friends at RideNat are offering an eco-friendly range of bicycle accessories in a world of all-plastics. The goal is to make the production of a bike as renewable as the act of cycling itself. A motto actually very close to the one of URBAM bamboo bikes.




Their chosen material is a bioplastic made from organic waste (rice husks). The patented technology makes it possible to mix about 70% of rice waste with 30% of recycled plastics to create a new material. The result can then be molded in the shape of pedals, grips or other shapes.





This process makes the pair of bicycle pedals very environment friendly. In fact this bioplastic material is completely recycled and recyclable. On the “Gorilla” model, only the remaining pedal shaft with the threaded end is made out of metal.



This model is particularly suitable for trekking and MTBs because of its strong structure and anti-slip properties.


Ball bearings allow a smooth and silent rotation increasing the efficiency of your ride. Additionally, they ensure a long operation lifetime.

RideNat reis bioplastic gibbon
Gibbon Modell





The model “Gibbon” offers a different look, more focused on city use. The center body remains out of metal, allowing a more urban look.





The new brand RideNat is showing a great lesson that high quality products can be made from waste materials and promote a circular production cycle. We think it matches very well with the philosophy of the bamboo bikes. We will consider including these products in our next designs for sure!



On top of this, these pedals are sold for a very reasonable price, you can purchase them through the link below :