Our new Gravel model is ready!

URBAM Bamboo bike gravel / cyclocross


 Gravel bikes are close to cyclocross bikes and offer a very interesting solution between a mountain bike and a racing model.



What started initially as a winter-training activity for racing cyclists has become in the last years increasingly popular as a sport.



The bikes used tend to look at first glance like racing bikes, just slightly bulkier. They usually feature drop handlebars and racing-style controls, but when we look in detail, bigger differences can be found. The frame is stronger and allows more space for tires with more grip. The position is slightly more upright to allow more agility and disc brakes are commonly used for a strong braking power in wet and muddy conditions.


URBAM Bamboo bike Gravel / Cyclocross tires cyrbon fork



The use of disc brakes, bigger tires and generally stronger components make them slightly heavier than racing bikes.



Gravel bikes are a great compromise allowing more flexibility and comfort and everyday practicality than racing bikes but still keeping great performance and weight. For this reason, many would choose such a model as an every-day sporty commuter or for their weekend trips.



This model is also the base of choice for a travel bike. The frame is designed to mount rear and front racks and offers a great weight-carrying capacity. fenders can also be mounted on the front and rear wheel thanks to a mounting bridge.

URBAM Bamboo bike SRAM cassette 11 gears disc brakes



For this model we have chosen the SRAM Apex 1 groupset.

We love the simplicity and weight advantage brought by the "1x" concept. Due to the very wide spread on the 11-gear rear cassette (11-42 teeth), it is possible to cover with only one chainring very close to the same range as a classical 2-chainring. It is then eliminating the front derailleur and the corresponding cables, resulting in a more simple and reliable system.



The general look of the gravel model is elegant and sporty. The colors used are only black and the natural color of bamboo and hemp.

This results in a very natural look, underlining the eco-friendly character of using a bamboo frame.

For more details and pictures, visit the product page of the URBAM Gravel Model.


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