The URBAM Single Speed "Black Edition" is out



The nice spring weather is bringing us loads of inspiration for new projects! Therefore we are happy to announce the Fixie - Single Speed "Black Edition".


Its look is a real head-turner and its high level components make it very light (9.3kg) and efficient. The color combination with all matte black enhances the warm tones of the bamboo frame while keeping its original natural appearance.


The set of very smooth Aventon wheels, the very light carbon fiber fork and a low-friction bottom bracket make a very fast and agile city racer.


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URBAM presents the E-Commuter pedelec (E-Bike)


You have probably heard about the advantages of E-Bikes, they are getting increasingly popular, the sales figures have increased steadily over the past years.


They are also called Pedelecs or Speed-Pedelecs to differentiate the models that are limited to 250W power and 25 km/h (pedelecs) and the S-pedelecs that can be more powerful but have further restrictions due to their speed.


Depending on the countries, it can be that they are not allowed on bike paths or parks, with which wearing a helmet is compulsory or that it must be insured.


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Anatomy of a bike frame

We ride our bike every day without having to think about its design and construction. But it helps to understand more to be able to make the best use of it.


The frame

The frame of your bike is supporting all the other components and joining them together. It is also the piece that defines the type of bicycle we are riding, much more than the gears or the shape of the handlebar due to its geometry, size and stiffness.

We will take here the example of a bamboo frame. We will discuss in another post about the other available materials and their characteristics.

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Why a bamboo bike?

URBAM Bamboo Bike Commuter
URBAM Bamboo Bike Commuter



 Have you already seen a bicycle out of bamboo? Chances are you havent. It is still a rare sight but heres why you will see more of them soon.



Bamboo has amazing mechanical properties and allows the construction of stunning eco-friendly bikes.



URBAM Bikes has taken this challenge and constructs them in Germany, whether standard model or custom configuration.

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URBAM's bamboo bike prototypes exhibited at Sustainica fair in Düsseldorf

URBAM City Low bamboo bike at Sustainica



Sustainica, a fair and conference about sustainable development has opened its doors in Düsseldorf, Germany on June 2nd, 2016.

URBAM is proud of using this platform to exhibit the first 2 prototypes of its range of bamboo bicycles to the public.





Who is URBAM?

The brand is creating eco-friendly sustainable bicycles out of bamboo. Cycling is often seen as the most eco-friendly way of transportation, and it is indeed compared to many others. While it is true that the use of a bicycle is very ecological, most of them are made of aluminium, making their production very polluting. The goal is to make a real eco-friendly design optimizing the production processes further in this direction.

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