URBAM - Why is bamboo a great material for bike building?

Bamboo has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel and a compressive strength similar to concrete while being a natural material that regenerates within a few years, looks beautiful, is durable and perfectly recyclable.



Being a natural plant, the carbon footprint of a bamboo frame is drastically lower than the mineral extraction and melting processes required for the production of steel or aluminium.




Bamboo is a natural composite material with unbelievable mecanical properties. The tensile strength of certain species in the axial direction is comparable with steel or aluminium.


Bamboo, after drying, is very light and could probably compete with the lightest carbon fiber bicycles. URBAM bicycles are meant to be comfortable, durable and reliable everyday city partners and are not trying to compete with racing machines.

The final weight is similar to a high quality aluminium city bicycle.



Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet : the growth cycle is on average 5 years as opposed to approx. 25 years for wood and millions of years for steel or aluminium.


Sophisticated treatments for a long lifetime

  • UV protection for a long-lasting natural color.
  • Heat treatment for increased hardness.
  • Surface coating as a weather protection.