Configure your special URBAM Bike



URBAM Bamboo Bikes are individual and customizable. You want your bicycle to be unique and matching your style. Our bikes are made to order, so you can customize :

  • The level of the components (number of gears, type of brakes, wheels,...)
  • The style of the bike (silver or matte black look, thick wheels or minimalistic design,...)
  • The geometry of the bike (length and angle of the stem, width of the handlebar, type of grip, ...)


Here are some examples of custom build we have made for our customers in the last months :

A single speed with 8 gears?

What about this model? A bike that looks like a single speed "Black Edition" but with 8 gears... Sounds strange? Not at all in fact! The style of a minimalistic bike with the practicality of an 8-Gear in-hub concept.


With a gear system included in the black hub it is hardly visible that this model is not exactly a Single speed.


We have kept the bullhorn handlebar and brake arrangement of the initial "Black Edition" and added the gear lever making it a powerful commuter for hilly cities or sporty weekend rides.


Pricing indication : 1700-1900€

The absolute head-turner : a wood handlebar

Yes, a wooden handlebar! We have partnered with the french company Fixi Bici. They are using local french wood with a beautiful texture to manufacture these very special steerers.


Handcrafted minimalistic elegance that we have decided to install on one of our Single speed "Black Edition". It matches perfectly with the bamboo and enhances the natural look of the final product.


And in case you doubt the strength of the wood for such a safety-critical component : there is a steel bar reinforcement inside and it is ISO 4210 tested so you are safe.