The URBAM Single Speed "Black Edition" is out



The nice spring weather is bringing us loads of inspiration for new projects! Therefore we are happy to announce the Fixie - Single Speed "Black Edition".


Its look is a real head-turner and its high level components make it very light (9.3kg) and efficient. The color combination with all matte black enhances the warm tones of the bamboo frame while keeping its original natural appearance.


The set of very smooth Aventon wheels, the very light carbon fiber fork and a low-friction bottom bracket make a very fast and agile city racer.


A fixie or a Single Speed?


This is a frequent question and I feel it may be useful to clarify the difference between a Fixie and a Single Speed.

They both look usually very sporty as they are both derived from track racing. This means that on both of the types there is only one gear; in a relatively flat city this is perfectly fine and has the great advantage of making the bike lighter and more reliable as the most sensitive part is usually the gear switching system.

One critical point is keeping the two styles apart :

 * a Single Speed bike has a freewheel. This is what makes the bike keep rolling after you stop pedaling

 * a Fixie has a fixed sprocket, it means that you will not be able to stop pedaling in a downhill for example. This can be an advantage when commuting for example as it allows to ride backwards and therefore wait at the trafic lights balancing the bike with both feet on the pedals for a faster start.


A popular solution nowadays is the flip-flop hub as it features both options in one : one side has a fixed sprocket for use as a fixie and the other side is equipped with a freewheel to be used as a Single speed.


This system is present on the "Black Edition" introduced here.

It gives the user the chance of switching between the different modes easily by simply turning the rear wheel around.


The bullhorn shape of the steerer gives an ideal seating position for sporty commuting without your hands ever being too far from the brakes.


The Shimano racing brakes mounted front and rear allow for powerful and quick stopping in case of emergency.