URBAM presents the E-Commuter pedelec (E-Bike)


You have probably heard about the advantages of E-Bikes, they are getting increasingly popular, the sales figures have increased steadily over the past years.


They are also called Pedelecs or Speed-Pedelecs to differentiate the models that are limited to 250W power and 25 km/h (pedelecs) and the S-pedelecs that can be more powerful but have further restrictions due to their speed.


Depending on the countries, it can be that they are not allowed on bike paths or parks, with which wearing a helmet is compulsory or that it must be insured.


URBAM’s range of bamboo bikes has now been expanded to a Pedelec model, the E-Commuter. It is based on the Premium Commuter model but has been modified to cope with the added weight and power. The electric motor and battery is supplied by the German company Pendix, offering high levels of quality requirements and manufacturing its products locally. The black matte color of the Pendix components match the look of the commuter model and account for an elegant result.



Thanks to the use of high quality components, the weight added by the electric motor and battery is limited to 6.5kg, making the E-Commuter lighter than many electric bikes.




The key to a comfortable E-bike is the torque sensor, too many models don’t feature it because of its cost but the comfort is greatly impacted. Think about it : how should the motor know how much power to output if it doesn’t know how much you are. A smooth E-bike is one that you will forget, you will just feel more powerful without spurts or delays. This is exactly the feeling you get from the E-Commuter.




3 levels of electric assistance can be chosen from: Eco, Smart and Sport, corresponding to 25, 50 or 100% of added power to the “human power”.