USB charging function on URBAM Bamboo bicycles

URBAM Bamboo bike with USB charger



Our customers have expressed the need for a solution to charge their USB devices while riding their bamboo bicycle.



It is an increasing need as we use our smartphones for more and more applications.



Think about the various usage cases :


 Want to charge your phone on the way?

 Want to use the navigation function of your smartphone without emptying the battery?

 Want to use a tracking app to record your trace, speed and performance?

 Want to show hiking maps from your phone to check your route?

 Want to use an external GPS system like Garmin or equivalent?



URBAM Bamboo bike with integrated USB charger



As you can see the array of uses is very broad as we are dependant on many devices that require power.


There are various ways to do this, but the one we found the easiest and looking cleanest is to integrate the USB charging port in the front light.


With this solution, no additional cables have to be run on the bicycle, only the short USB cable to the smartphone or other device you want to charge

URBAM Bamboo bike with integrated USB charger



Contact us to include this feature in your URBAM Bamboo bike, it can be added as an aftermarket kit or installed directly at your order.


We will advise on the best integration