URBAM - Urban Bamboo Bikes

A bamboo bike represents the fusion of traditional bamboo handicrafts with modern composite materials.


A bamboo bike is an exclusive handcrafted product.

It cannot be industrialized or assembled automatically, every operation is made by hand. It makes every model unique and special.

  • 50 hours of hand labour are needed between gathering the bamboo to the final bicycle.
  • Made of natural materials, every model is exclusive.
  • Decoration of each bicycle is crafted by woodburning techniques to ensure an outstanding design.


URBAM bicycles are designed to be ready-to-ride at any time in any circumstances.

No flat tire as you are running late for work, no chain drop, no lights that run out of battery as night falls! We target 100% efficiency :

  • Internal gear hubs : no external moving parts to oil or clean, no chance for the chain to drop or be misaligned
  • High puncture resistance tires from renowned brands
  • Dynamo-powered lighting so you never have to worry about batteries
  • High quality components from Shimano, SRAM or similar


Safety has been critical in the design of Urbam bicycles.

  • Powerful front and rear lights powered by dynamo
  • Reflector on the wheels and pedals for night visibility
  • Efficient brakes and tires
  • Robust bamboo structure validated by ISO 4210 testing


Bamboo naturally dampens vibrations and shocks offering a smoother ride over bumps, holes or cobblestones and removing the need of a suspension fork.




Bamboo is a renewable material and, unlike steel or aluminium, does not rely on mineral extraction.


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet : the growth cycle is on average 4 years as opposed to approx. 25 years for wood and millions of years for steel or aluminium.


Durable hardness and strength are guaranteed by drying and treating the bamboo tubes at high temperature.


A long lifetime is ensured by a core treatment against insects and fungus and a coating against UV rays.


The production of the URBAM bicycles is expected to create 7 jobs in a vietnamese village.



On top of this, URBAM will fund local welfare projects in Vietnam.

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30/06/2017 : URBAM Bikes nominee at the SportTechMatch innovation prize professional cycling event in Düsseldorf

19/08/2017 : Exhibition the bamboo models at the start of the Vuelta in Nimes, France

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